Join My Lab!

I will be starting the Khadempour Lab at Rutgers-Newark in January 2021 and I'm looking for folks to join me. Our lab will be positioned at the interface of insect-microbial symbiosis and microbial ecology.

I'm looking for a postdoc to start Jan 2021 or soon thereafter, graduate students to start Fall 2021, and undergrads to start anytime in between.


Because I have not officially started yet, I have not been able to advertise this position officially. But I am looking to recruit a postdoc to join me as I start my lab. This position will be for one year initially with a renewal for an additional year after review. I am also happy to support a postdoc who wants to apply for independent funding to extend their time with me if they like.

This position, because it's not tied to any grant, is extremely flexible. I'm looking to recruit a colleague who is motivated to study pretty much anything related to insect-microbial symbiosis or microbial ecology, especially where the fields intersect, but not necessarily. Do you have some ideas about something you'd like to study? I'd be happy to work with you to apply for grants to fund your own research and set you up for your future career!

The ideal candidate will be someone who was recently granted a PhD in microbiology, ecology, or entomology, who is strong in bioinformatics or computational biology, has fieldwork experience, and is comfortable in the lab. Experience with mentoring undergrads and grad students would be great too. Of course, if you don't check off all the boxes, you might still be a good fit. I'm mostly looking for someone who is motivated to do cool science and to make the most of a flexible situation.

If you're interested, please send me an email with your CV, a website if you've got one, and an idea of why you would be interested in joining my lab.

Grad Students

I am looking for one or two PhD students to start in Fall 2021. These positions will be through the Rutgers Biology program and will be funded through a TAship. However, I will be applying to grants that will hopefully reduce grad student TA loads. If you want to start in the Fall of 2021, you need to apply by December 15, 2020. So send me an email and we can get the ball rolling. Send me your CV, let me know about your research experience, and let me know why you're interested in joining this lab.

For more information, check out the program website, but be warned that it may be somewhat out of date.


I will be adding more details about undergrad recruitment closer to when I actually establish my lab. But if you are an undergraduate student at RU-N or NJIT and you’re really interested in talking about research opportunities in my lab, feel free to get in touch by sending me an email. All undergrads who work in the Khadempour lab will either have paid positions or will receive class credit. I don't believe in unpaid internships.